Urban-Pro Series LED Street Light 30W to 300W Range

The Urban-Pro range has a variety of options which have been developed specifically for street and road lighting environment. The system offers exceptional optical performance, thermal management, flexibility and high efficiency.

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Smart Street Lights

We make smart cities smarter by creating reliable networks over existing power lines. We use that network to connect streetlights and IoT sensors
Starting with street lights
  • Energy Management

  • Energy Savings

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Maintenance Notifications

  • Lamp Controls

  • Extended Lamp Life

  • Lamp Life Management

  • CO2 Management

  • Future proofing, scale-able IOT Light & Sensor Network Platform

  • Asset Management - GPS tagging, asset status and asset lifecycle

  • Enhance Safety

  • Creating Revenue streams

  • Data Analytics

  • Worldwide Installations base



gridNet provides a complete Smart Street Light Solution that creates a network over the City’s existing power lines, coupled with our Street Light Control Software saving energy and maintenance costs. It also creates a smart city backbone where thousands of different types of sensors are connected to measure weather, pollution, traffic among others to deliver detailed data in real time



gridNet removes the need for prohibit-ably expensive new communication infrastructure by “piggy-backing” onto the city’s existing power lines. It’s patented 18 channel OFDM technology lays the foundation for a city-wide sensory network to be via the street light and power line infrastructure. The addition of a 19th RF channel for sensor connection creates the world’s  most reliable power line communication

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In combination with gridNet’s sensor partners, a city wide central backbone can be formed from the aggregation of weather, pollution, parking, traffic and environmental sensors. These solutions can make city’s become significantly  most cost effective and resource and safety efficient.



The gridNet Smart Street Lighting Solution enables users to manually or automatically switch on, switch off and set dimming levels to deliver the appropriate lighting level based on light sensors or predetermined schedules required by time of day, season, weather conditions or in response to emergencies. Key accident black spots on roads can have their lighting tailored to ensure optimal lighting for maximum road user safety


The gridNet Smart Street Lighting Solution also allows the users to remotely monitor the working conditions of the street lights by reading back the input and output current/voltage parameters of the street lights enabling predictive maintenance. It can compute the power consumptions, power efficiencies, power factors and burned hours of the street lights and automatically notify the users by email or SMS when fault conditions occur. 

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This includes the Street Light Management Software (server or cloud based), the Master Light Controller (concentrator) and the Digital Power Supply / Smart Light Controller (integrated in the LED Street Light unit) Having a complete end-to-end system ensures total ownership and responsibility for a vertically integrated system.

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gridNet’s unique Smart Street Light Sensory Network system enabled by gridNet’s hybrid PLC+RF technologies presents a massive data dump ability for data analytics enabling Smart Cities to take advantage of the huge city-wide power line networks to access and analyse data from different types of sensors (weather, traffic volume, pollution etc.).

Analytics can be done on street lamps’ voltage and current to more accurately predict maintenance and the expected lifetime failures. Likewise, analytics on flood sensors at residential estates could help to better analyse flood, security problems as an example. Besides providing dashboard analytics, gridNet works closely with HP Enterprise Universal IoT Platform which boasts powerful data analytics capability with seamless IoT sensor protocol integration.



The gridNet network is completely secured and protected from the Hybrid power line communications / RF network nodes with AES-128 Protection to the cellular TCP network, which is backed by  Intel Gateway Platform and Intel’s Wind River McFee Software, which includes Open SS, IPSECVPN, or Cisco’s gateway and security services.

A complete real time Streetlight Management System that automatically dims and responds to environmental data

Propriety Semicondutor technology coupled with network software and a SaaS analytic solution

Enables data communication between thousands IoT sensors

Cities can monitor streelight infrastructure in real time, proactively reacting to failures and breakages